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Seventh Edition
Bioinformatica e Biologia Computazionale in Campania
27 Settembre 2012
Napoli, Italy

joined to the International Course
Bioinformatics for Omics Sciences
25-27 Sept. 2012
Napoli, Italy


The final program, with speakers and titles, date and timetable, and abstracts of the talks, can be downloaded here.

B4OS Course - 25-27th Sept. 2012

Course Speakers

Assunta-Susanna Sansone - University of Oxford
Data management and curation: the other side of bioinformatics
PDF of the presentation

Italia De Feis - IAC-CNR, Napoli
Dimension reduction and classification methods for the analysis of experimental data
PDF of the presentation

Paola Festa - Univ. Federico II, Napoli
Combinatorial optimization approaches for clustering and biclustering
PDF of the presentation

Massimo Delledonne - Univ. Verona
Next Generation Sequencing technologies for genomics and transcriptomics: an overview
PDF of the presentation

Alberto Policriti - Univ. Udine
Sequence alignments for methylation profiling
PDF of the presentation

Pedro Jose' Navarro Alvarez - Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, Zurich
Targeted and data independent acquisition approaches in proteomics: computational and statistical challenges to achieve accurate peptide inference
PDF of the presentation

Paolo Ribeca - Centro Nacional de Analisis Genomico, Barcelona
Algorithms for high-quality mapping of NGS reads
PDF of the presentation

Jan Komorowski - Uppsala University
Monte Carlo Feature Selection and Rule-based Models in Modelling Molecular Systems
PDF of the presentation

BBCC2012 - 27th Sept. 2012


Assunta-Susanna Sansone
University of Oxford
The reality from the buzz: how to deliver reproducible bioscience data

Paolo Ribeca
Centro Nacional de Analisis Genomico, Barcelona
Some take-home messages from genome mappability

Giorgio Giurato
LabMedMolGe Universita' di Salerno
iMir: A flexible and automated pipeline for high-throughput miRNA-Seq data analysis.

Francesco Musacchia
Univ. Federico II and Stazione Zoologica "A. Dorhn", Napoli
Biclustering of gene expression data: metaheuristic algorithms and experimental results

Most. Mauluda Akhtar
Univ. Federico II, Napoli
CpG islands under selective pressure are enriched with histone H3 lysine 4 trimethylation.

Remo Sanges
Stazione Zoologica "A. Dohrn", Napoli
De-novo generation of the Octopus vulgaris reference transcriptome

Vittorio Fortino
Univ. Salerno
Computational methods for predicting transcriptional units in bacteria using different data sources

Luciana Esposito
IBB-CNR, Napoli
The classical resonance model does not predict the variability of bond distances and planarity in peptides bonds.

Spot presentations: M. Alfieri, R. Esposito, M. Salzano