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TRANSIT is a database of TRANsglutamination SITes which collects information from literature about protein amino acids substrates of the transglutaminase enzyme (E.C. - click the number for the ENZYME database link at the ExPASy Molecular Biology Server).

The current release (May 2005) includes 115 entries. Each entry describes the transglutaminase site of a protein by a number of fields: the protein name, its SWISSPROT accession number (with link to the related entry), the source organism, the transglutaminase type acting on it, the reactive amino acid, the sequence environment of such amino acid, and the literature reference (with link to PubMed abstract).

TRANSIT is a databases developed within the ASC project (Active Sequence Collection). The ASC home page contains information about present and past release, updates, and references.

This database is accessible by the SITEMATCHER searching tool, an original software specifically developed to search the TRANSIT database and others from the ASC project.


The TRANSIT database has been partially supported by Protein Cross-Linking - the ESF Transglutaminases Programme (PCL)


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