Angelo Facchiano - Curriculum vitae

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Work address

Istituto di Scienze dell'Alimentazione
CNR, via Roma 64 - 83100 Avellino - ITALY
Tel. +39.0825.299-625 or -651 - Fax +39.0825.781585
e-mail: angelo.facchiano AT


  • September 1999 - European Doctor in Biotechnology (award) - European Association for Higher Education in Biotechnology
  • February 1999 - Doctorate in Cellular Biochemistry - Second University of Naples

  • December 1994 - Diploma of Specialist in Biotechnological Applications - University of Naples "Federico II"

  • October 1991 - Laurea in Chemistry - University of Naples "Federico II"

    Main work topics

  • Development of bioinformatics tools for analysis of experimental results in the "omics" field (protemics, transcriptomics).
  • Development of bioinformatics tools for sequence and 3D-structure analyses.
  • Protein structure prediction.
  • Protein structure-function relationships
  • Publications (reverse date order)

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