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June 2004

The new release of ASC is now available.
The total number of entries is now 2349. See the page of statistics for a comparison to the previous releases.
The new release of ASC includes a new section namedc CHAMSE - chameleon sequences.
A new release of SITEMATCHER is now active.

May 2004

The new release of SITEMATCHER will be available with the new release of ASC.
SITEMATCHER will maintain the previous options for any user. In addition, it will offer new features to registred users. Registration is free and it is needed in order to filter the access and avoid the use of the web server resources by internet scanners and any other kind of not research-oriented user.

April 2004

The new release of ASC is planned for June 2004.

March 2004

The new release of ASC is planned for Spring 2004. It will include new peptides in the existing sections and a new section for structurally relevant peptides.

January 2004

The new web site is publicly available at the new URL:
The site offers the most updated release of ASC, which includes 1381 active sequences in six sections, and the updated release of SITEMATCHER for searching the ASC database.

December 2003

The new site has been improved after the evaluation by a selected number of users. Starting from 2004, it will be available to the web community.

October 2003

The new site and the new ASC release is available for restricted users as an evaluation trial. We apologize for the delay in releasing it to the whole community. This release is subjected to a further validation step for copyright reasons.

September 2003

The new site and the new release will be available soon, no later than October 2003. We have planned to mantain active both sites until January 2004, then the old site will be inactivate but it will maintain a page with the new URL.

August 2003

The web site of ASC is moving to a new URL.
In the next months, both sites will be active, then the old site will be inactivated. Please update your bookmark file !!!

June 2003

We inform the ASC users that the new release of ASC will be available in September and it will be made of six different sections, three new added to the previous BAC, DORRS and TRANSIT. The total number of entry will be approximatively doubled in comparison to the previous release.

March 2003

Two months after the publication of the paper in the 2003 Database Issue of NAR, our site has received more than 500 visits. This number refers just to the home page of ASC.
We are planning to make available the statistics of access to ASC pages in the next months.
Some researchers started to submit us new entries. We will include them in the next release.

January 2003

The access to the ASC collection by SITEMATCHER is now up.

Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) published the 2003 Database Issue, which includes our article describing ASC.
Angelo M. Facchiano, Antonio Facchiano, and Francesco Facchiano
Active Sequences Collection (ASC) database: a new tool to assign functions to protein sequences.
Nucl. Acids. Res. 2003 31: 379-382.[Abstract] [Full Text]

December 20th, 2002

The access to the ASC collection by SRS and SITEMATCHER has been temporarely stopped. It will be restarted before January 15th, 2003.

We apologize for the trouble.

November 2002

It is started the collection of data for new sections of ASC, concerning functional and structural features of specific class of proteins.

October 2002

A substantial modification of entry format has been planned, in order to allow a simpler link to literature. This major revision will be available in a next release of the complete ASC database.

September 2002

Each entry has been checked for the presence of literature reference.

The number of entries of each updated section is now as follows:

BAC: 652 entries

DORRS: 113 entries

TRANSIT: 63 entries

August 2002

A paper describing the ASC collection has been submitted.

The SITEMATCHER searching tool is now available on the web.

July 2002

After the trial phase, the ASC becomes available on the web to the scientific community.

The current release (Summer 2002) includes three databases: BAC, DORRS, and TRANSIT.

For any comment or request, send an e-mail to angelo.facchiano AT